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Quality Standards
Quality Standards

My name is Martin, and I have over 20 years of experience in roofing and gutters. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in different states, including New York, New Jersey, Florida, and now in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. My journey began over two decades ago, where I learned about a variety of climates and construction challenges, honing my skills to provide quality solutions. From the cold winters of New York to the warm summers of Florida, each experience has contributed to my expertise. Now in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland, I’m proud to offer my clients exceptional services. I strive to provide personalized solutions and high-quality results in every project. My commitment is to continue improving, seeking new innovations in roofing and gutters to meet my clients’ needs.

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We Get High Roofing & Gutters was born from the dream and determination to provide the highest quality roofing services. Founded in 2011 in the by Martín Cabanillas, our company has grown from humble beginnings to become a leader in the roofing industry.

From day one, we have maintained a steadfast commitment to excellence. We knew that every roof we installed not only protected homes but also represented the dedication and love we put into our work.

Our goal has always been to offer durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for every home. Our philosophy is based on a combination of technical knowledge, high-quality materials, and a personalized approach to each project. We have incorporated innovations in roofing technology and adopted sustainable practices to minimize our environmental impact without sacrificing the durability and effectiveness of our work.

Over the years, We Get High Roofing & Gutters has had the privilege of working on numerous high-profile projects, including various embassies and residences of public figures. This has solidified our reputation for reliability and professionalism. Each project has allowed us to grow and learn, perfecting our technique and strengthening our passion for what we do.

What truly sets us apart is our team. Every member of We Get High Roofing & Gutters shares the same passion for the craft and the commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations. From the first contact to the completion of the project, we guarantee an unparalleled experience marked by transparency, punctuality, and impeccable results.

Today, we look to the future with the same passion that drove us in our beginnings. We continue to innovate and perfect our services to remain leaders in the roofing industry, always with the mission to protect and beautify our clients’ homes.

Thank you for being part of our story. At We Get High Roofing & Gutters, every roof tells a story, and we are proud to be the storytellers.


Martin Cabanillas

CEO We Get High Roofing & Gutters

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